March 29, 2025

Marijuana Politics: What We Learn about Federalism and the Policymaking Process

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Marijuana Politics: What We Learn about Federalism and the Policymaking Process

This course uses marijuana politics and policy in the United States to illustrate the complexities of the policymaking process within American federalism. In this course, students will be introduced both to how scholars study the policymaking process and the complex intergovernmental relations with our federal system. Students will also learn about the complicated history of marijuana policy in the United States. They bring together these three threads in their own evaluation of Oklahoma’s unique experience with cannabis policy.


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Start Date
March 29, 2025
End Date
April 2, 2025
University of Oklahoma, Norman
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Application Deadline
January 10, 2025


Daniel J. Mallinson, Ph.D.

Penn State Harrisburg

Dan Mallinson is an associate professor of public policy and administration at Penn State Harrisburg, where he also directs the Policy Process Lab. His research interests include policy process theory (particularly policy diffusion and punctuated equilibrium theory), cannabis policy, energy policy, and the science of teaching and learning.

Mallinson’s work has appeared in dozens of peer-reviewed journals, including Public Administration Review, Policy Studies Journal, Policy & Politics, State Politics & Policy Quarterly, and State and Local government Review. His work with Lee Hannah of Wright State University on state medical marijuana policy includes a book published by NYU Press,Green Rush: The Rise of Medical Marijuana in the United States, and one under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press.

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