FAQ/General Information

How to apply

Students must apply to participate in OSLEP.

  • The application form is available on-line here.
  • A complete application includes a 300-400 word essay or writing sample.
  • reference from a faculty member familiar with your academic work, and
  • A current transcript which indicates a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible to apply. Applications are reviewed by the director and assistant director and students are selected on the basis of their academic and leadership qualifications, major area of study, and preference of scholar/topic. After admission to a class the student will receive the assignments and complete details. Undergraduate students and graduate students enroll for 3 hours of credit. The courses are S/U graded with the understanding that "S" = "B" or better. 

How does the seminar work?

Students have a minimum of 45 contact hours with the visiting scholar and the faculty resource person (FRP) assigned to each class. Students are required to complete the assigned readings before the class begins and the faculty resource person will provide pre-seminar assignments to help students. The scholar chooses the readings and often provides a reading guide; the faculty resource person directs preparation, evaluates student performance (oral and written), and assigns grades. Grades are based on the students' preparation and ability to handle the assigned readings; attendance and participation in the class activities; contribution to the discussions and intellectual content of the class; and performance in the assigned written work or special project. After the conclusion of the class, the students are generally required to write a 10-15 page paper. 


Room and Board during seminar for out-of-towners.

OSLEP classes are residential. OSLEP provides housing for students in a hotel on or near the campus. The scholar-leadership program provides room and board, as well as books, at no charge to the students.


What do I do about classes at my university if OSLEP seminar is during the semester?

During the semester, classes usually run Wednesday morning through Sunday afternoon and students must miss their regular classes.  The OSLEP office will provide students with a certificate of class participation that the students can give to their professors when making arrangements to miss any regularly scheduled classes.


How much does the seminar cost?

The options for registration and fee payment depend on which university you attend.

  • Students from Cameron University, East Central University, Langston University, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Baptist University, Oklahoma City University, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Rogers State University, Southern Nazarene University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, and the University of Tulsa may register through their home institutions. Please contact your campus coordinator for details.
  • University of Oklahoma students, if admitted in a timely fashion, may enroll through ozone.ou.edu. Electronic special permission must be obtained from the OSLEP office. Call 405/325-4309 or email oslep@oslep.org, in order to obtain permission.
  • All other students and OU students who do not register electronically will register at the class. Undergraduate students will enroll in a 4000-level course, for 3 hours of credit. Graduate students enroll in 3 hours credit.

NO AUDITORS ARE PERMITTED. You must make a commitment to participate in ALL class activities and will miss your regular classes.