2018-2019 Classes


May 13-19, 2019

Santa Fe, NM

Guest Scholar:  Sam Duwe, University of Oklahoma

Few people have captured the imagination of both anthropologists and the public more than the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest. Pueblo history is very ancient, and traces of this dynamic past are recorded amongst ancestral villages that have long fascinated archaeologists. With the arrival of the Spanish, the Pueblos were the vanguard of European colonialism, both resisting and adapting to new realities. And the Pueblos have managed to continue to occupy the same land as their ancestors in the face of colonial policy to the present day, with many villages continually occupied for the past 700 years. In this course we will explore both continuities and change in Pueblo history, with the understanding that the same philosophical and cultural concepts that guided the actions of Pueblo people in the past continue into the present, and the future. We’ll focus on the Pueblos of northern New Mexico and will visit archaeological and historic sites, Pueblo communities, and places of great natural beauty and cultural significance. As with all OSLEP seminars, all costs for participating other than tuition (including travel, food, housing, and books) will be paid for by the OSLEP program.


Since 2000, Sam Duwe ( University of Oklahoma) has been studying the history of the Pueblo people of the American Southwest, especially to explore the roots of contemporary Tewa peoples’ worldview and identity. His work integrates archaeology, oral history, and ethnography to understand the deep history of the people in the northern Rio Grande region. On the travel portion of this seminar, Sam and local specialists will introduce students to the cultures, history, and places that make this region unique.

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October 2-6, 2019 

University of Oklahoma   3 credits

Guest Scholar: Kim Rice, Independent Scholar, Baltimore, MD.

We are living in a politically charged era. From the election of polarizing leaders, the widening of financial inequality, the death of unarmed citizens at the hands of police, to natural disasters fueled by climate change. There are many groups rising up to face the challenges of our century and artists are no exception. In this course we will explore how artists are using their platform to create social change. We will address the following questions: How is contemporary art defined? How have artists played a role in peoples’ movements historically? What is the role of the museum and social media in art making?  How are artists collaborating with urban planners, architects, environmentalists and non-profits to create social change?

Kim Rice creates large-scale works using common materials. Her installations are a meditation on institutional racism and the policies that continue to affect American society today.  Kim earned her BFA in Sculpture and MFA in Printmaking from the University of Oklahoma. Her work has been shown throughout the country including the 22ndNo Dead Artists at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Prospect.4 Satellite, Alexandria Museum of Art, Fred Jones Museum of Art, Northern Illinois Art Museum, and the Delaware Museum of Art. She has received multiple awards, including the McNeese Grant for Socially Engaged Practice.  Born in Kentucky, raised in California, educated in Oklahoma, loved in New Orleans and now home in Baltimore, Kim’s work is influenced by her two children and the pile of books by her bed.


  • Enrollment through your home campus
  • OSLEP provides all required reading materials at no additional cost - NO books to buy!
  • Housing and meals provided

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