Crude Territory: Rethinking the Identity of Oklahoma

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Crude Territory: Rethinking the Identity of Oklahoma.

University of Oklahoma, Norman

January 3-7, 2022 (in-person)


Scholar:  Russell Cobb


Where is Oklahoma? The state has a distinctly Southern political identity with settlement patterns more befitting a Midwestern state. The visible presence of Native American culture leads many to lump Oklahoma in with the Southwest. Oklahoma, in the context of popular culture, is often dismissed as yet another "flyover state," or as a wild and wooly place of frontier violence and oil fortunes won and lost. This seminar leads students in acts of cultural and historical recovery of narratives repressed by mainstream political and media institutions. 

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Dr. Russell Cobb is Associate Professor in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta. He is the author of The Great Oklahoma Swindle: Race, Religion, and Lies in America's Weirdest State (Bison Books), winner of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries' Director's Choice Award for 2021. He edited the collection The Paradox of Authenticity in a Globalized World (Macmillan). He has published many scholarly articles on Cold War politics in Latin American literature. He is also the host of the podcast History X, which explores misrepresented or repressed true stories.


Russell Cobb Professor