Anti-Americanism in the Post-Trump World

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March 9-13, 2019 at the University of Oklahoma  3 credits

Guest Scholar:  Monti Narayan Datta, University of Richmond

After the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11th 2001, policy makers, scholars, and the media scrambled to understand the nature and origins of anti-American sentiment. Why would others want to hurt the United States in such a violent and destructive manner? Why did the United States not fully appreciate that such an attack might result from anti-American sentiment? More fundamentally, what is anti-Americanism and how can we measure it? In this course we will: (1) define what it means to be “American” and “anti-American;” (2) examine survey data and reports from the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project on foreign public perceptions toward the United States from 2001 to the present; (3) assess some of the best scholarship to date on anti-Americanism; and (4) consider the case of domestic antiAmericanism, with an eye toward understanding the roots of the Oklahoma city bombing in 1995 in addition to other local anti-American movements over the past decade. 

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Dr. Monti Datta