The Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program - OSLEP - is an intercollegiate academic program sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education open to students at all the public and private universities in Oklahoma. The OSLEP classes meet for 5 days.

OSLEP classes are seminars, and students must prepare to participate. Students have pre-seminar reading and writing assignments, and are expected to complete the assigned readings before the class begins. The scholar selects the readings; the faculty resource person directs the student preparation, evaluates student performance (oral and written), and assigns grades. S/U grades are based on your preparation; attendance and participation in the class activities; contribution to the discussions and intellectual content of the class; and performance in the assigned written work or special project. After the conclusion of the class, the students are generally required to write a 10-15 page paper. You should always carefully read the syllabus for the class to make sure you’re prepared.

OSLEP classes are residential. OSLEP provides housing, usually in a nearby hotel, although you’re not (of course) required to use it. During the semester classes usually run Wednesday morning through Sunday afternoon and students must miss their regular classes. OSLEP provides documentation for you to show your professors why you will be missing their classes. The scholar-leadership program provides room and board, as well as books, at no additional charge to the students. University of Oklahoma students pay a flat fee to attend. Many students are able to enroll in OSLEP through their own university, in which case the tuition is set by your university. You can check with your campus coordinator for details. There are no non-resident fees.